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Our sole purpose at Dynacoustics is to provide audio systems capable of reproducing and delivering clean and clear audio program material to any size audience. We are devoted to providing the end user with a simple product solution to solve the complex problems of music and voice delivery for any event or application.

Our design team consists of audio engineering and design professionals with over thirty years experience in the art and science of concert sound system design, delivery and operation.

We proudly hold our product out to comparison to any competitor.

The result will speak for itself. Efficiency, economy, reliability and impact are our trademarks.

Thirty years of experience has created us … one listen will convince you.

HPro Group: JBL full line including:

VerTec • Soundcraft • Crown • BSS • dbx • AKG • Lexicon • Studer • DiGiCo Mixing Consoles• SKB Rack equipment • Adamson • Littlite

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